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Our Child of Two Worlds copies

When is Our Child of Two Worlds out?

UK and places shipping from the UK – 31 March for eBook Audiobook, Hardback October 31st

US and Canada – 31 March for eBook, June 14 Hardback

Do you need to read Our Child of the Stars first?

They are two halves of the story. In fact Two Worlds starts a week after the first book. My very experienced ditor says it works as a standalone but full disclosure plenty of enthusiastic reviewers recommend reading the first one as well.  There are some deals on Amazon and elsewhere.

Our Child of the Stars would make a great film! Will two books make that more likely? Is that planned?

It would make a stellar film (pun intended).  Film rights, and for that matter, non-English translation rights, remain available!

Will there be another Cory book?

It is lovely that every discussion and some reviews ask for a third book. 

Quick answer,  Never Say Never.

I’ve delivered on my two-book deal and right now I am writing something else. The family story conceived required two but not three books. For various reasons, Our Child of the Stars was written to stand up if there wasn’t a second book commissioned.  Two Worlds was written to close the original story but leave options open.

Yes, the Coryverse could be explored further. Never say never but I have thought for years, such a book might not be set in the US and probably would not have Cory Gene and Molly as the core characters.

There’s the mysterious alien presence before Cory arrived – the alien computers speak ten Earth languages.  There’s a lot of stuff happens off screen for the two novels. And then, there is what happens next. I think the ending of Two Worlds is great but it doesn’t resolve a lot of things.

Four interlocking issues about a third book

Whether my publisher would do it

whether it would be the thing I most want to do – writing a novel is a commitment

whether I could meet and exceed the standard of the first two

whether it would be worth my time

It will make a third book much more if people buy the books, tell their friends, reviewing it positively, get bookgroups to discuss it, ask libraries to stock it, etc

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