Praise for Our Child of the Stars

Praise from Goodreads, Amazon, national press, and social media

‘An uplifting tale of love and kindness’ Candis magazine.

Just read it in the bath and still love it. Absolutely gripped. Having to force myself to stop reading and go to bed. Absolutely love it, it’s so good, hugely punchy and pacey narrative, just fabulous.  So much lovely detail and subtle points.  (Deb, Manchester)

I loved this book. It was one of those I couldn’t put down but didn’t want to end. It is beautifully written and certainly stirs the emotions. It is a tale of love, loss, friendship, loyalty and doing the right thing.… it was a real rollercoaster of an emotional ride.  (Sue Tingey, author of the Soulseer Chronicles)

Cox takes a straightforward SF idea and turns it into something wholly fresh and intensely gripping. A tightly personal story draws readers deep into a couple’s struggle to protect an innocent caught up in (literally) world-shaking events. …Cox invites us to muse on events and ideas that have shaped the societies we live in today, and asks us where we might want humanity to go (Juliet McKenna, author of the No.1 bestselling The Green Man’s Heir)

This is a book that manages to be a meditation on family love as well as a total page-turner that ratchets up the tension right to the last moment… It was one of those books that leave you with a sense of loss when you finish it as you’re not ready to leave its world and its people.  (Book Henge on Goodreads)

[Cox’s writing is] ‘heartfelt, clever and enjoyably weird’.   (Nick, Twitter)

Outstanding, Mr HB, Goodreads

It’s bloody brilliant. I cried so much and I was willing on the Myers all the way through.  Jez, Twitter

What a breath of fresh air this was! I loved the fact this was set in the 60’s. I loved the fact that despite being science fiction, one of the main characters had reservations about getting a TV! I dare anyone not to fall in love with the Meyers family. They are so perfect, yet so flawed…

I could gush about this book forever, so I am just simply going to say, go read it. Read this beautiful, wonderful book.  Angie, Blackpool

I’ve never read anything more exciting than Our Child of the Stars…

Cory the alien child is irresistibly charming, a character we smell and feel as well as see, hear and love. His strangeness and vulnerability make that emotional attachment as instant as any parent’s, even before he develops as a character in ways all parents recognise and others that set him apart.

…a climax as extended and dramatic as the best of Hitchcock…

its thoughtful, grieving realism about humanity – along with a fierce, bright hope regardless – makes it profoundly adult. I’ve read many good books in 2018, but over time I can’t imagine any of them proving more memorable than this. (Sue H, Goodreads)

Highly recommended reading (Interzone)