My grandmother told me I read too much.  I remember walking in the garden when I was small, telling myself stories.

In August 2012 in a caravan, in a field, up a mountainous rocky track that made a hired 4×4 essential, in Wales, in the rainiest summer fortnight I can remember … there, I sat and started my first novel.   It was a lot of work and a lot of fun.  That book has yet to find its home in the world, but it made me sure I would write other books.

Our Child of the Stars began as a short story I wrote for Halloween in 2013.  I became obsessed with Gene and Molly, and Cory, the little boy they adopt, under such challenging circumstances.

I’m interested in strong, believable characters and their relationships.  I like writing to have hope and humour, and to recognise the dark and unfair side of life.  Usually, my work has some speculative or fantastical elements, but I am not interested in strict barriers between genres.

I’ve lived in several places.  Born in America of British parents, I spent nearly all my childhood in Bristol, and I’m now an adoptive Londoner.   I have a partner and two teenage children.   I’m a professional communicator, a science PhD dropout, a recovering poet, and a Quaker.

I’m active in the Big Green Bookshop Writers Group (@N22writers) and Gravity’s Angels.

Name buddies

I’m Stephen (Peter) Cox, British author, not the sculptor, the American Libertarian and expert on Jane Austen, or the guy who wrote a book about the Munchkins.

There’s a page for sorting us all out.

I’m certainly not anyone who spells Stephen with a ‘v’ or chooses to be called Steve.