‘I loved this book. It was one of those I couldn’t put down but didn’t want to end. It is beautifully written and certainly stirs the emotions. It is a tale of love, loss, friendship, loyalty and doing the right thing…’ 

First Goodreads review by Sue Tingey 

‘Molly feels so real to me’  Hannah

‘Unputdownable. Bloody brilliant…  I cried’  Jez


‘…a big Hollywood canvas and an intense family focus, emotionally devastating, funny and charming all at once’

It’s on sale now for e-book and audiobook (delivering 1st November), and hardback (delivering 24th January).  You can, you should, pre-order it today.

OUR CHILD OF THE STARS is a mainstream novel with a wonderful speculative flourish. Set in 1960s America, it tells the story of Cory, a lost boy with a remarkable appearance, the lengths his adopted family will go to protect him, and the secret that refuses to stay hidden. It is a rare novel of warmth, goodness and generosity…

What the book is about here [link]

More about the cover

I first saw this several months ago.  I said then and say now, it has the mix of wonder, love, beauty and a hint of darkness that the book needs.

Credit to Leo Nickolls and the team at Quercus.


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